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Tanya Abreu


Tanya Abreu BA, MA is a nationally recognized expert, administrator, community builder, and consultant in the next-level delivery of healthcare to women and their families. Her specialty is in providing hospitals and healthcare providers with innovative solutions to healthcare delivery challenges. She is also acknowledged as a master meeting planner, conference curator, and public speaker for both consumer groups and healthcare professionals.

Tanya currently serves as a Senior Advisor to HealthyWomen, National Women's Health Resource Center, the largest non-profit women's health and wellness online resource in the world, as it develops a network of affiliate hospitals dedicated to helping women make informed choices for themselves and their families.  She currently serves on the national board of Women in Healthcare, dedicated to advancing and supporting women in all stages of their career.

She incorporated Abreu & associates in 2019 bringing more than 30 years of distinguished achievement in strategic planning and community messaging for hospital, as well as survey methodology for effective national and regional marketing in the areas of women’s, neonatal and pediatric healthcare.


The bedrock of her work is her belief that solutions for success in the business of women’s health are achieved through a consistent, cutting-edge approach that tackles local challenges with
global vision.

Tanya Abreu’s expertise in building active networks of clinical providers and healthcare organizations around a unified message or cause is unparalleled in the industry. From the planning of the first network of freestanding breast health centers in the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area while with Magee-Women’s Hospital, and the establishment of more than 75 model women's health education and primary care clinics around the world through Magee Womancare International and USAID, to the more than 15 years of experience with Spirit Health Network - a strategic marketing company that she co-founded to create networks of women's specialty programs at U.S. Hospitals - she focuses on the power of scalability, patient experience, provider engagement, and efficiency in healthcare. Most recently she served as an interim Executive Director of Community Development for Parrish Health on the Space Coast of Florida.


Widely acknowledged for her distinctive, visionary approach to women’s healthcare, Tanya Abreu has been featured in over 150 television, radio and newspaper interviews nationally. She is a sought-after speaker and healthcare leadership meeting facilitator and has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches and private workshops both nationally and internationally.

Tanya is at the forefront of moving the healthcare industry from awareness to action. She defines the next era of community-built healthcare planning and promotion.

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Beyond hospitals and professional performance, Tanya Abreu is also an educator, a health and wellness evangelist, an inspirational public speaker, and a poster child for optimistic living. She is much sought-after radio and morning show news interview sharing bold and positive approaches to great health for a lifetime. Her more than 250 consumer keynote presentations have reached the hearts and health of thousands of men and women.



Healthcare professionals are always seeking inspiration, perspective, and innovation. Tanya Abreu has worked on behalf of healthcare organizations to inspire and motivate meetings of professionals to achieve consensus and vision. From board retreats to sales meetings, client conferences to company retreats, Tanya will create a memorable and practical professional experience for your needs.



For consumer workshops, conferences, awards ceremonies, health expos, banquets, and fundraisers, Tanya Abreu will craft a topic, title, and presentation that will be remarkable and memorable for your event’s attendees. A few of her most successful, poignant, entertaining, and practical themes include:

  • The Top Ten Ways to Go from Worn Out to WOW

  • Cancer is a Cure for a Purposeless Life: My Survivor Story


  • High Performance Living: Lessons from Women Around the World

  • The Lesser-Known Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease: Love, Laughter, and Cell Phones

  • Have You Heard the Buzz: Best Body, Best Sex, & Best Life after 50

  • How Optimism and the New Science of Happiness Can Change YOUR Life and Health

  • The Hokey Pokey of Health™: Putting Your Whole Self In

  • The Purpose of Paralysis: Finding Beauty in the Ugliest Time of Your Life


For Healthcare Professionals, Tanya is a much sought after professional speaker to the industry. Hospital executives, physicians, nurses, and other providers are left refreshed and thoughtful after attending one of her keynotes, working sessions, or facilitated meetings. Her topics range from practical to visionary:

  • Beyond the Breast Center: Building Revenues and Resilience in Women’s Health

  • Optmistic Medicine™ - The Future of Global Healthcare

  • The New Healthcare Paradigm: Making Money by Making Patients Happy

  • Designer Healthcare: Why Decorate a Waiting Room When No One Wants to Wait?

  • The Zoomer Generation and How to Attract Them to Your Health & Wellness Enterprise

  • From Burn Out to Brilliance: 10 Secrets to Life Resilience 

  • Follow Your Bliss: Living Your Best Life in Midlife & Beyond

  • Shine Like a Diamond: Finding Brilliance Under Pressure

  • From Worn Out to WOW: Living Joyfully in the NOW

  • POWER UP: Lessons for Women from their Smart Phones

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