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Day 1 Presentations

Brenda Jones, DHSc, MSN, WWHNP-BC, CCHC

"A Personal Perspective on Women's Health"

Dr. Saurin Patel

"Population Health is Women's Health"

Dr. Vicki Lucas, PH.D.

"Pelvic Cradles Rock the World and a Hospital's Bottom Line"

Wanye Yetman

"Building the Future of Women's Health, Literally"

Dr. Alba Rodriguez, PH.D.

"A Revolution in Pain and Stress Management For Providers and Patients - Hospital Case Study"

Leanne Meier, RN, BSN

"Cultivating Nurse Leadership"

Day 2 Presentations

Gwynne Gillette

"Women's Health Revenues: The Remarkable Opportunity of Retail"

Mike Seyfer

"Patient Journey Mapping: The Transformation of Healthcare Marketing"

Dr. Loretta Breuning, PH.D.

"Positive Results from Positive Moods: Improving Hospital Morale and Clinical Outcomes"

Dr. Vicki Lucas, PH.D.

"Future Trends in the Business of Women's Health"

Tanya Abreu, M.A.

"The Next Era of Women's Health Marketing: Precision and Passion"

HealthyWomen Representative

"Women's Health: Data and Content is Queen"

Conference Materials

6 "Future" Keys to Hospital Success 

Conference Pocket Agenda 

Conference Speakers 

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